Xbox-Ibiza Rocks

Turn your special summer memories into a Snoop Dogg experience with Xbox and Ibiza Rocks

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Xbox-Ibiza Rocks

Summer is made for special memories: whether it’s dancing your wellies off in a muddy festival field, performing a one-off impromptu street gig with a busker, or finding that special someone. Xbox and Ibiza Rocks have got together to turn those memories into more memories – a kind of snowball effect for summer fun. And there’s still a chance to get involved!

Xbox and Ibiza Rocks have also turned that necessary evil – the summer job – into something a lot more memorable.

The lucky winners have been taken on for a six-week job in Ibiza, being Xbox and Ibiza Rocks people on the ground by living it large with top musical talent, like Example and Plan B. That kind of partying beats being stuck in an office!

Here’s Example relaxing with the Xbox 360 at the Ibiza Rocks hotel.

xbox Ibiza Rocks

And check out Plan B’s special birthday surprise, which made one lucky person’s birthday the memory of a lifetime.

But everyone has their own special summer story of having fun with friends, and there’s still time to share your with Xbox and Ibiza Rocks for an awesome prize this summer.

As their last prize, Xbox and Ibiza Rocks are offering the super special prize of a chance for a meet-and-greet experience with musical legend Snoop Dogg on the Liverpool gig of his autumn UK tour (including travel, accommodation and food and drink).

All you have to do is share your best moments of summer and place your memory on the Xbox Ibiza Rocks memory map on Facebook. Put a pin where your memory took place with a few lines of why it was so special to you. Then you can upload a photo or video. And maybe even tag those who shared your special memory.

Why wait? Do it now before those memories fade like your tan, and who knows, those memories could pave the way for more fantastic fun time.

Enter the competition now!

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