Watch all the internet has to offer on your TV in HD with Veebeam HD

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The internet has opened up a whole new world of viewing culture, but it’s not great to crowd around the laptop to watch it. Now, with Veebeam HD you can watch anything that you can stream on your computer in comfort on your living room TV.

There are more and more cultural events being streamed – some of them live – and internet TV is only a step away. Streamed arts events and interviews (a personal favourite is the Tate’s own channel, where you can catch up on artist interviews and some of the behind-the-scenes of the organisation’s exhibitions) are increasingly found online, and along with the channels like iPlayer or 4oD there’s a wealth of video programming on the internet. But taking it all in on the laptop can be a bit of a drag.

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The stylish, unobtrusive device wirelessly transmits anything you see on your computer screen onto your TV, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. Which means you can watch up to 1080p HD streams with its crisp, clean colourful picture while you relax on your sofa, and the optical audio output mean you can enjoy your surround sound too.

What’s more the Play To mode means you can stream files without displaying them on the laptop screen. So while your enjoying your favourite programme, someone else can surf or work at the same time.

Veebeam HD is simple to set up and there’s no wires – so there’s no clutter, just a sleek new machine that connects your TV to the internet via your laptop.

The signal can transmit through walls, but there is a two second picture delay and you’ll need a pretty decent computer process (check your system requirements on the Veebeam site).

Find out more about watching the internet on you TV check out the Veebeam website, and you can buy one on Amazon.

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