Step into the surreal and taste the extraordinary

That Andalusian Dog (Un Chien Andalou to you artistic purists) has a lot to answer for. The silent surrealist short film directed by Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí has been inspiring creatives ever since its 1929 release. The latest surrealist inspired offering is for Drambuie.

Arguably Drambuie’s presentation of The Extraordinary Bar owes more the Dalí’s paintings rather than his albeit limited film work – Moontide and the notoriously contentious work on Hitchcock’s Spellbound, with more than 20 minutes of the dream sequence he created being cut by producer David O Selznick.

There’s also a hint of David Lynch in Drambuie’s offering, which has characters uttering about spice and honey.

Drambuie itself has its roots in the past. It was inspired by a recipe that was created more than 260 years ago for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland, resulting in a powerful depth of flavour from the hints of heather honey and spice in the elixir.

‘The result is a unique spirit that offers discerning drinkers an extraordinary taste experience’, we’re reliably informed.

And what else can you say about a drink that is half of a cocktail that goes by the name of Rusty Nail?

Please watch, and drink, responsibly…