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Heart-throb actor focuses on Le Mans role

There’s a long tradition of actors at Le Mans, and heart throb Patrick Dempsey (him from Grey’s Anatomy) seems the real deal – especially when it comes down to preparation.

Patrick and his other Porsche Motorsport team mates have taken getting ready for the world’s most famous 24-hour endurance motor race to the extreme at their secluded French chateau.

Watch the video to see how extreme this preparation can get.

But then, Patrick is rather taken with driving for Porsche at Le Mans.

“Everything is magic about Le Mans. The history, how the track has evolved, and the drivers who have raced here, all of that really means something to me,” he said.

“It’s a tremendous honour driving for Porsche with their history at Le Mans… and a little bit of pressure.”

It’s not the first time Patrick has taken part in the race.

“We started working on coming back before we even left Le Mans in 2009,” he said.

“It is just very difficult, so many factors, so many moving parts, it almost takes more than a year’s worth of planning to race at Le Mans in any given year. We worked constantly to get back and enough came together to make it back this year. In some ways it felt like we were gone for so long but in other ways, with the constant work by Joe and everyone, it seems like we made it back when were ready, and on schedule.  Just getting to Le Mans is an amazing feat alone, before you even run the race.”

Hence the intense preparation, but is the Hollywood heartthrob just eye candy? Apparently not according to team mate Patrick Long: “Patrick has a lot of energy and he trains hard at the sport. A lot of times people assume that a Hollywood actor is going to come in and sort of look the part, play the part and then go home, but Patrick is a real competitor, he loves the sport.”

And as other driver on the team Joe Foster says: “The struggles we had to get back to Le Mans after four years have actually helped Patrick become a better driver. The behind the scenes effort we have put in to finally get back to Le Mans has been very motivational for Patrick.”

The Porsche Motorsports team seems very together – take a look at the film to see just how together they are, and click through for more of them at Le Mans.