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Ideford artist Jon Mac on going on the road sharing art

Spoon carver Jon Mac is part of the Ideford Arts on the Road group, who go on the road to exhibit their work in not-art venues to inspire other artists and encourage art lovers. Here’s his take on the process of going out on the road

Spoon carver Jon Mac's spoons

The beauty of being a spoon carver is that my skills and the tools I use are easily portable. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to set up and work wherever I choose. I have given myself the challenge of using three simple tools of Nordic Origin: axe, knife and hook knife. These tools are all hand made by Nordic craftsmen. I have great respect for the skills used by First Nations and enjoy the fact that art and everyday objects are often one and the same. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and raising people’s awareness of traditional skills. The spoons I make have been described as beautiful little pieces of art. They are also of practical use and are designed to be used, handled and held.

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