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‘Push boundaries, ask questions and create beauty’: a Q&A with singer/songwriter Yojance

R&B and soul singer/songwriter Yojance got in touch with a few of his answers to our Artist Q&A. Originally from the Dominican Republic Yojance is making his way in New York with unique twist on Latin/Dance music. Find out what inspires him and what he see’s as the role of the artist in society. Take it away Yojance…

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Yojance, I am singer, songwriter and producer. Continue reading ‘Push boundaries, ask questions and create beauty’: a Q&A with singer/songwriter Yojance

Walk on the Wildside for Blissfields Festival 2014 line up

Legend has it – well, a press release – that festival co-founder Melanie Bliss woke up in the wee small hours of a July morning, just after Blissfields 2013, with a vision of drag queens and animals running wild, as an earthy bass-line trembled amid the trees of the festival, an echoing whisper, a chorus of “do de-do, de-do, du, de do-doo …”.

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Creativity can’t be taught… Smirnoff Mindtunes project enhances innate creativity

Music can help shape emotions and Smirnoff’s Mindtunes grouped together a bunch of talented individuals who sought to turn those emotions back into music.

The Smirnoff Mindtunes project aimed to turn emotion into brain waves and brain waves into sounds waves, and then those sound waves were turned into a thrilling dance tune.

It sounds simple, although in practice it seemed anything but. And the journey itself was exciting and inspirational.

PhD Julien Castet, a leading brainwave technology expert, created some kit which allowed Andy Walker, Jo Portois and Mark Rowland, three disabled music fans, to create music with their mind. This was then mixed by chart topping British electronic music producer DJ Fresh.

Here comes the science part – an ElectroEncephaloGraphy device (EEG) was used to measure the electrical activity of the brain, turning brainwaves and emotions into musical beats. The beats and sounds were overlaid by DJ Fresh to produce the track.

The journey is a technical, musical and emotional rollercoaster, but the collaboration between the technology and the musicians highlights the shared challenge and reward that is the culmination of the best creative projects.

Watch the film and follow the journey of the track, it is both enriching and inspiring, and click through for more videos and to buy the track.

Julie Tugwell of the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People said: “We’re very lucky at QEF that DJ Fresh has donated the proceeds from iTunes. All the downloads are going to QEF, which is going to enable us to build a state-of-the-art assistive technology group home.”

The Smirnoff Mindtunes project is ground-breaking, enriching and empowering and just goes to show what technology, creativity and determination can produce.

The last words go to Mark, who said: “I believe that a life lived for music is an existence spent wonderfully.”

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