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Refresh your mind, your creativity and your dreams: Visit California with Air New Zealand

California is a bit of a paradise and in that environment it’s easier to create authentic work that’s grounded and positive, according to superstar choreographer Ryan Heffington, which is just one of the filmed stories available about the creative California.

Sure, you might think of the air-heady, hang-outy, faddish side of California cliche, or the Tinsel-town big business of Hollywood, but Ryan makes a lot of interesting points about his creative journey.

The mini-documentary and pro California film from Air New Zealand takes a quick look at Ryan’s inspiration and development as an artist. He readily admits himself that he dances everyday and he’s living his dream. And who wouldn’t want to live their dream?

It’s inspirational for artists and creatives to see such success and joy and hardwork – the film also follows a new Emma Stone video, and she’s smiling, but you also get the feeling she’s straining, stretching and pushing herself (all the name of ‘art’, of course!)

If you’re not familiar with Ryan’s name, then we’re sure you’d be familiar with his work – he’s best known for Sia’s Chandelier (you don’t have to look far to see him sharing tips on how to perform the dance, such is his love of his craft).

Travel can often be a short cut to refreshing creativity, and if the walk in the park just isn’t cutting it, then there’s always California. In fact, if you click through on the film you’ll see plenty more examples of the Californian creativity that’s on offer – some of it impromptu!

Watch the film to find out more about Ryan, and see clips from behind-the-scenes of Emma Stone’s video, shot on the Queen Mary. Plus the other films on offer. Be inspired and dare to dream!