Cameraman Dave’s chicken steadycam

Creatives are always after the next innovation that will enhance their creativity vision, which in turn inspires them to look for the next innovation – it’s a kind of chicken and egg situation. But sometimes it’s just chicken.

That constant striving is something to be proud of, even if it does bring about rather unusual results. Take, for example, cameraman Dave’s freshly developed Galluscam. It’s a nifty device that sits on the head of his chicken and captures perfect pictures for his filmmaking ventures. Watch the film to see his thought process.

For those of you who don’t know, chickens keep their head still when they are moved around – the biological ability has been described as ‘an Inertial Measurement Unit’ mechanism only with a higher update rate.

But for some people there are logistical and other considerations which means they don’t want to cart around a chicken with them everywhere they go. Just as well then that LG have incorporated that ‘chicken-type’ technology into their latest G2 phones.

The LG G2 has a high res, 13mp camera with Optical Image Stabilizer technology – which means clear pictures with less blur in photos, and less shaking in videos.

Cameraman Dave tried to create something ‘flexible, super lightweight and comfortable’, but we reckon a mobile phone has those qualities and more. And is probably a tad more convenient than a chicken. We’ll leave it for you to decide!

Watch the movie – Dave’s chicken Lizzie truly is impressive – and then click through for more details.