Living Poster

Living Poster stretches creativity with Adobe

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Posters are great, but they only allow a certain amount of creativity. How about a living poster, one where the people in it can move around and interact with those looking at it?

It’s not a pre-poster-ous as it may sound (see what we did there?), and it’s the kind of challenge that photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson relishes.

He faced up to Adobe’s challenge of creating a Living Poster in its Random Act of Creativity series. The goal of the project was ‘to mix technologies in an attempt to challenge traditional media boundaries and create something new’.

Sounds simple – we life in a multi-media world, after all. It wasn’t. And you’d think that in an age when watches and glasses can connect to the internet, and robots are starting to get minds of their own, interacting with a poster wouldn’t be so out of the ordinary.

But just like the first film viewers ran away from the on-coming train in the Lumiere brothers’ L’Arrivee D’Un Train A La Ciotat, having a poster suddenly come to life can be a little disarming, to say the least.

Watch the film to see how successful the interactive poster was and click through to get a look behind the scenes to uncover some of the creative secrets that made it happen.

 And check out the hashtag #CreateNow.