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Long and winding versus straight: metaphors for life and driving

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The long and winding road may well be safer than that straight route. We’re not talking metaphors for life, we’re talking road safety.

According to Michelin, 75% per of accidents happen on straight roads, debunking the myth (if there ever was one) that ‘to stay safe, you just need to avoid winding roads’.

And while you’re piling the cases into the back of your car and preparing to escape from your drab routine into your summertime hidey hole, have you considered the stress this puts on your tyres? Instead of being confined to the commute or the school run, your tyres will join you in the ordeal of the long motorway slog, followed by that winding climb up the mountain, or down to the sea as you get away from it all.

‘Grip on straight roads and grip on bends are two kinds of performance areas that are difficult to make compatible,’ according to Michelin’s Road Usage Lab.

To solve problems such as this, Michelin’s Road Usage Lab is collating all the information that Michelin collects about people’s driving and the challenges this puts on their tyres. This includes their annual 75,000 tests, plus a brand new initiative, which collects real-time driving data from throughout Europe.

The live driving lab has been achieved by fitting special monitoring equipment into 3,000 people’s cars to follow the driving challenges they face.

All good stuff as you face the long and winding challenges of your own – and that is a metaphor for life… and driving.

Check out the video to see how Michelin has set up its Road Usage Lab, and click through to find out more driving myths.