sleep art

Sleeping turned into a work of art

In 2004 Sam Taylor-Wood turned a sleeping footballer into a work of art, many teenagers – and older – also demonstrate their artistry in sleep. And now the ibis hotel chain has created Sleep Art!

Sleep Art saw the sleep patterns of volunteers all tucked up nice and snug at four ibis hotels in Europe turned into canvasses.

It took six months, 100 people, 50,000 lines of code and one robot to create the basis of the sleep art project. An ibis ergonomic mattress was fitted with 80 heat, pressure and sound sensors, which sent sleep data to the remote art studio in Paris, where it was converted into colour and brush movements.

Add an algorithm, acrylic paint and a canvass, et voila, you’ve got Sleep Art, created live from the sleeper’s data throughout the night.

The project called for volunteers to take part in the snug art experiment, with nights in the ibis hotels in Paris, Berlin and London.

Watch the video to see how the robot approached the canvas, and click-through on the video to see the Sleep Art gallery, where there are images of the robot in action. You’ll also be able to see some behind-the-scenes footage, and images of some of the funky ibis hotels which took part.