A Strange Wild Song

A Strange Wild Song at The Bike Shed Theatre

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A Strange Wild Song
Sandra Dieckmann‘s design for A Strange Wild Song

This wonderful poster design for Rhum and Clay’s new show A Strange Wild Song by Sandra Dieckmann deserves to be seen, as does the show, which is apparently inspired by a First World War event, and is now at the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter.

According to the blurb: “Left a roll of film after his grandfather’s death, a man searches for meaning through the photographs inside. He discovers a surreal world of childhood and memory, where fragments of a half-remembered war invade the present-day calm.”

The grandfather is a soldier, lost in France during the Second World War. He comes upon and befriends some children, the last survivors of their village, who make sense of their experience by creating a play army of their own, according to The Stage. It’s his pictures which are found by the grandson.

Wherever you look on the web you see praise for Rhum and Clay, and it would be worthwhile catching them. If you doubt the dark comedy of this company, take a gander at the trailer they made for the show at the Edinburgh Fringe. And there’s no doubt about their craft. (Take a look at their Shutterland.)

A Strange Wild Song is at the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter. The run ends on Saturday, November 24. Pop over to the Bike Shed site for details and tickets.

A Strange Wild Song Edinburgh 2012 Trailer from Rhum and Clay on Vimeo.