Human vulnerability highlight in clown form in Bianca Bertalot’s Cinco Coisas

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Brazillian artist Bianca Bertalot is taking her new show Cinco Coisas, a solo clown show inspired by the five basic developmental needs of a child – Place, Nurturing, Support, Protection and Limitation,  on a South West tour.

Bianca will be calling into Exeter from June 10, for two performances and will be at the Barnstaple Fringe Theatre Fest for three performances from June 24.

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Cinco Coisas uses dance, play, clowning and improvisation it proposes to lead the audience on a purely human experience.

We’re told Cinco Coisas is a playful, poignant and inspiring show where two opposing, but complementary, viewpoints are presented by Bianca, who covers the polarities through the staging of a clown and a lecturer.

The show aims to highlight the human vulnerability of the spectator existent since childhood, but doing so in a playful and entertaining way, as is characteristic of the clown.

Bianca is originally from Brazil, where her studies in theatre, Brazilian dance and clowning started. She came to the UK to further her studies in the art of clowning where she trained with Nose to Nose, Tamala, Franki Anderson, The Original Spinners and Gerry Flanagan. Formal training in contemporary circus and physical theatre was undertaken at Circomedia.

She has also trained in Co-Counselling, Dramatherapy and Voice Dialogue and is undertaking a BSc degree in Psychology with Counselling which has led to a passion of combining clowning and art therapy.

“This is a highly imaginative, warm, humane and expertly-executed performance that reaches to the heart of being human. Suitable for children up to the age of 90,” said the Bath Chronicle Review.

Cinco Coisas by Bianca Bertalot Dates and venues:

June 10th (7pm) and June 11th (2pm) Festival at Cygnet Cygnet Theatre.

June 24th (7pm), June 25th (5:30pm) and June 26th (2:30pm) Barnstaple Fringe Festival Gallery at Queen’s Theatre

Cinco Coisas has been supported by Arts Council England, The Trinity Centre, The Island, The Greenback Pub and Madam Renards.


(from a press release)