The Accordianist

Desire, drinked and dogged optimism. The Accordianist at The Exeter Bike Shed theatre

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The Accordianist

The Accordionist is a piece of music theatre written by Dorset singer/songwriter and performer Bethany Jameson and is popping into The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter on its way to London’s New End Theatre season in April, following successful run in Poole in February, where audiences described it as a ‘truly beautiful play’ with ‘amazing singing with fantastic lyrics’.

It tells a story of desire, drink and dogged optimism! Jacqueline Lacroix, a talented Piaf tribute singer, is back after years of enforced silence.

Bethany told ArtsCulture: “The excitement for the audience is that they see the unravelling of the past, what happened between Jacqueline and the Accordionist and what’s going to happen next.

“What are they both going to do now that they’ve discovered each other again? Can they patch up what happened in the past? Can they build a future together?”

The show is directed by Andrew Morton with award-winning Romano Viazzani as the Accordionist. The musical score includes Piaf classics, such as Milord and Je Ne Regrette Rien, with new songs covering longing, despair and wickedness!

The Accordianist is at The Bike Shed Theatre until Saturday, March 5, Tickets £10.