The Station: Fourstones

Epic journey to find Northumberland’s rainforest told in The Stations: Fourstones

The Station: Fourstones

With the way the climate looks to be going, the Quixotic journey to find a tropical rain forest in Northumberland may not be so far fetched in the not-so-distant future, but that’s what the one man mini epic adventure story The Stations: Fourstones, aims to do in its tale of a voyage of discover – and hot from its hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show, which is on at The Bike Shed, Exeter, from September 5-10, tells the story of Al, who begins his quest for the Northumberland rainforest after the death of his grandfather had bequeathed him a key.

It’s a journey that has combined rural mythologies, urban folklore on its own tour around the UK, picking up four and five star reviews on the way.

Here’s a few words about the inspiration of the piece:

Take a look at the interview with Malcolm Hamilton, of Idle Dream, the company behind The Stations: Fourstones on Theatre Devon.

Pop over to The Idle Dream site, or read Malcolm’s blog of the show.

The Stations: Fourstones is at The Bike Shed, Exeter, from September 5 to September 10.

(image: © Chris Jones)