Josh's Monsters

Josh’s Monsters involves the audience in a family’s dilemma

Josh's Monsters

Multi Story Theatre Company’s new play, Josh’s Monsters, starts in the leafy lanes of Devon and ends up in the dusty dirt roads of Afghanistan

It’s an involving piece of that was developed through Beaford Arts’ Breathing Space programme and is supported by North Devon Theatres.

The play invites the audience to experience Chrissie and Doug’s dilemma from the inside, and while they are sat around tables between the two acting areas, the they can both eat Chrissie’s cakes and watch Doug’s video-mixing on two large screens as the pair of them search for common ground and try to find a way forward for their family.

Chrissie and Doug live in the same house but only communicate by Skype. They are a loving couple who upped sticks twelve years ago to give their sons a better life in Devon.  So what are the strains and stresses of parenthood that have brought them to this point?

Their eldest boy, Ben, climbs mountains. Their youngest son, Josh, is about to return for a second tour of duty to Afghanistan. If they are to see him off then they must leave in an hour. But while Chrissie is in the kitchen baking cakes for Josh and his mates, Doug is down in the cellar in front of his computer screens refusing to accompany his wife.

Multi Story’s performances in Exeter is part of a national tour that already has audiences buzzing.

• Josh’s Monster’s by Multi Story Theatre is at The Bike Shed Theatre from February 21 to 26 at 7.30pm