Measure for Measure at Plymouth Theatre Royal, with Alisdair McGowan

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Measure for Measure is the latest Shakespeare play at the Plymouth’s, Theatre Royal.

The play, technically a comedy, revolves around lust and unsolved moral dilemmas, and leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

This production has Alistair McGowan as linch-pin character, the Duke, with Jason Merrells as Angelo.

The production runs at the Theatre Royal from Friday, March 13, until Saturday, March 21, and there’s a post-show talk after the performance on Wednesday, March 18.

Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, Alistair said: “The theatre is such a fantastic medium. It’s a really great night out. You can watch football any night of the week on television but theatre is the real deal.

“A lot of people think ‘it’s not for me’ and they’ll go and see something like Oliver!

“They see Measure for Measure is on and think they won’t understand it. I love the fact that I can go to a play and not know anything about it. I hope people will come to this who don’t know it.

“The story is a debate which you see used throughout drama, opera and film. A woman is asked: ‘Will you sleep with me to save your brother’s life?’ It asks where you draw the line with chastity. Even if people don’t understand every word of it, it doesn’t matter.”

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