TicTac Theatre The Open Couple

Mind games, miscommunication and emotional blackmail: TicTac Theatre’s take on The Open Couple

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It’s a testament to their confidence, ability and sensibilities that TicTac Theatre are taking on and touring Dario Fo and Franke Rame‘s The Open Couple.

A black yet nuanced take of relationships, The Open Couple is ideal for the company which specialises in two-handers and multi-role plays, featuring Hannah Brooks and Scott Goodair. TicTac Theatre means Two Is Company, Three’s A Crowd Theatre, afterall.

Its ethos is to use the foundations of their training at Cygnet where the emphasis is on character-driven story telling. Using minimal set Hannah and Scott aim to draw attention to the text and action of the play.

This production of The Open Couple is the first in a growing repertory of classical and contemporary plays as part of their new touring company and will be touring the UK throughout 2015.

The  farcical drama The Open Couple is a play of boundaries; whether that is within the characters’ own inhibitions, or the literal playing area of the stage in which the fourth wall is tested rigorously. The play mixes mind games, miscommunication and emotional blackmail with hilarious consequences in this draughty, open marriage.

Filled with heightened physical drama and sharp witty dialogue, this play carries you through a bent reality of one couple’s fight for their own ideal marriage.

This production is directed by Jacquie Crago; voice coach for National Theatre productions ‘One Man Two Governors’ & ‘Warhorse’. As well as an actor and director Jacquie has also been Head of Voice at Oxford School of Drama, Voice Co-ordinator for Birmingham School of Acting and a Vocal Coach for the RSC.

TicTak Theatre’s The Open Couple will be at the Queen’s Theatre as part of the North Devon TheatreFest from June 26, 2015 to June 28, 2015. For more dates, keep checking TicTak Theatre’s website.



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