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The art of travelling explored when you Meet the Locals

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Travelling is an art form. You can pick up new experiences, real discoveries and you’ll encounter people you remember.

To show just how giving and generous people are around the world, the Meet The Locals film offers examples of how locals react to some rather perplexing tourist questions.

For example, in Berlin, the locals were asked ‘what is a Hong Kong pose’; in New York the mystery of ‘what is a cupcake’ was explored. But my favourite question was in Berlin – ‘where can you get the best curry wurst’?

The Meet the Locals team were in Hong Kong, Berlin, New York and Okinawa.

In each place they asked how they would respond to tourists. Watch the film to get the answers. After all ‘getting to know the locals is the best part of travelling’.

The team finished up in Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan, and there they found a very friendly bunch (who were very keen on their photography). “We want everyone who visits here to enjoy Okinawa. So we do our best to make them feel welcome. It’s normal,” said one of the interviewees.

The Okinawans use the phrase ‘ichariba-cho-de’, which roughly translated means ‘meet once and we all become like family’.

It’s an intriguing concept, especially for the traveller, and you’re called on to Uncover Your Okinawa.

Come as a tourist, leave as family, says the blurb.

Click through to the film and offer up your own travel experiences of the Okinawan concept of ‘ichariba-cho-de’.

In the meantime, take a look at how travellers can meet up in the bar situation to avoid eating alone.