Cruise control for cultural exploration

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Art, culture and knowledge tends to follow trade routes and is crowded around ports and their hinterland, which is what makes the Viking Ocean Cruises so exciting – the cruises are based on squeezing the cultural essence out of each destination.

Sounds like a win-win: you get to experience the seaways and learn more about each destination. You journey reflects where you’ve been and where you’re going. And on the way you’re learning more about the world, and maybe even a little about yourself.

Plus it’s a cruise, so expect to treat yourself to a bit of pampering.

Sounds like a whirlygig of enriching fun, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch the film to see what to expect, then click through to order a brochure and explore the Viking Ocean Cruises for yourself.

Not only do they have the cruises (filled with exotic and informative titles), and their itineraries, but they also have useful videos that will kick your wanderlust into overdrive and have you hankering to turn into a less rugged Michael Wood (for example –other historians are available!).

On board there’s a whole cultural immersion programme of lectures, films, food and what-not, along with the requisite cruise requirements of swimming pools, saunas and bar. And you can whet your exploring appetite by checking out the informative videos on the Viking site covering topics like the mystery of what lies beneath Naples, the origins of opera, a guide to Turkish carpets and even a lesson in Norwegian.

Here’s our favourite quote from the site: “We believe the best way to understand a country is through enrichment. On our cruises, you truly explore your destination through its food, culture and customs. You can accompany the ship’s chef to a local market; or even view private collections at world-class museums.”

So sit back, order a brochure and start exploring!