Norway Scream

Norway: forget breath-taking, think Scream inspiring!

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It’s no wonder Edvard Munch’s iconic $120 million-selling The Scream came from Norway – there’s plenty to scream at – in a good way – in the country. (And you can add your vocal powers to a record-breaking scream attempt to win a dream trip to Norway.)

It seems that the title of being ‘breath-taking’ isn’t enough for those Norwegian folk, who are looking to create the longest scream in the world.

There are four versions of Munch’s The Scream of Nature, and it has been much appreciated, copied and stolen in the past. It’s even a firm scary movie favourite with the Ghostface mask made popular by the Scream series of movies being based on the painting.

(And if you fancy of bit of art tourism, apparently the orange background in the picture is based on the landscape of Oslofjord, viewed from Ekeberg, Oslo.)

To join the cultural process of creating the longest scream in the world attempt, all you have to do is, well, scream. Watch the Norway screaming movie, click through, and you’ll be able to ‘share your favourite place or experience in the world’ in a scream stylee. You can use a webcam or upload a video of you screaming in contentment, enjoyment or excitement. (Psst… you can keep your scream to just a couple of seconds.)

Once you’ve shared your scream you’re in with a chance to win a trip to Norway, or a daily or weekly prize – and that’s definitely worth letting your lungs out for!

In the meantime, spare a thought of Evard Munch, The Scream and Norway, and take a look at the other screamers.