Art Trek Blog: 17th June. 8.30pm.

Had a nice day in Dulverton today. My partner was photographing the work of ceramicst, Jacqueline Leighton-Boyce in her studio up on Exmoor, just over the border into Somerset. Jackie is doing Art Trek with basket maker, Mary Melling and print maker, Judith Westcott, in Judith’s South Molton studio. It was so nice to meet up with Jackie and to see her work, as all our correspondence has been by phone or email.

By the time I arrived home, a few more replies had come in for the Art Trek launch – there’s going to be plenty to eat after all!

Also I have been getting requests for the brochure; people from Dorset and Launceston, which is great as somehow they have heard about the event and want to do ‘The Trek’.

Everyone I see keeps saying how busy I must be at the moment, but really there is no more I can do – it’s down to the artists now. I suppose tomorrow I will help set up tea tables and ‘meet and greet’ and certainly try most of the cakes, but that’s not hard work, is it?

• Artists details and a brochure are downloadable from the North Devon Festival site – click on the Art Trek logos.

Stella Levy
Art Trek organiser