Helen Snell: Liquid Landscapes diary. First meeting at the Mayflower steps, Plymouth

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Meeting with Stephan Koplowitz and Lara Lloyd at the Mayflower steps, Plymouth (March 22, 2009)

I was a bit early, wanted to get a feel for the site, glorious afternoon, lots of people milling about. Took some photos, read the bronze plaques, thought about the weight of history here. Pilgrim Fathers, Sir Francis Drake et al.

Didn’t quite know what to expect from the first meeting, felt a bit anxious and also very excited, S.K. is a world renowned choreographer. I had previously had a discussion with Lara Lloyd, producer at Dartington Arts, over the phone who outlined the project LIQUID LANDSCAPES. Her enthusiasm was infectious. I also felt very privileged to be invited to contribute.

I had also done my homework and looked at some of Stephan’s work on YouTube which blew me away. Really inspirational and innovative. Love the idea of dancers responding and interacting with a space, architectural context, being outside, getting wet, turning up at allsorts of unexpected places and at unexpected times. Glorious!

The five-week installation with the camera obscura in NYC entitled REVEALED is amazing. The camera obscura is a walk-in tented structure for the viewers, the dancers are outside, the view of the dancers upside down in real time, the dancers bouncing on the ceiling/ground like surreal bugs from a Luis Bunuel movie, fading out of focus towards the edge of the lens. Wow! Occasionally there is a passer by who walks infront of the camera outside unaware that he is punctuating the performance.

This is a whole new departure for me. I have never worked with a choreographer before, nor have I immersed my work in water!

Paper boats have filled my thoughts and dreams!



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