LIQUID LANDSCAPES DIARY 29 March 2009 Mirror boats

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I had a few sheets of mirror card in my studio left over from a previous project, so I decided to cut out the boat net from these to see the effect.

I also scaled up the net and cut out a larger boat (about 1metre in length); Stephan had mentioned the possibility of the dancers doing some improvisations with the larger versions. The interplay of light would be great on a sunny day. I made one with the mirrored surface on the inside and another with the mirror on the outside.

We played about with these in the garden, fortunately it was a glorious day, not a cloud in the sky. By moving the boats about we could reflect and bounce the light in a dramatic flashes, a bit like the sweep of a light house beam, so bright, almost blinding.

This worked particularly well with the boats with the mirrored inside.

The boats with the mirror on the outside have an interesting camouflage effect, so much so that they disappear into the background (made me think of the Dazzle ships of WW1).