Liquid Landscapes Diary 9

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Sketching of different configurations 3 May

I have started to sketch out various configurations for boats by the  series of blue doors along from the Mayflower steps.

Boats Asterix shapesMy current thoughts are that the boats shouldn’t be in the water at the beginning of the performance (after what happened at Maidencombe).  They would also detract attention away from the dancers.

 Rather than tethering the boats in the water and running the risk of some capsizing and sinking before the end of the performance, the boats could be configured (beforehand and/or by dancers?) into patterns or groups that might anticipate and be suggestive of what is to come.Boats battle formation

At the end of the performance some of the boats could be released and float off into the sunset (weather permitting!!) to create a strong final image . We would need to fish out the remains  of the boats once the performance was over.